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Millefiori Murano

Venetian glass jewellery with Murano millefiori handmade in Australia and Italy

About Millefiori Murano

Iconic Murano

Murano is a small island in the Venetian lagoon, 15 minutes by vaporetto from the main island.  Glass has been made here since 1291 and many of the current artisans come from families with generations of glass making in their blood. Most of the 200 or so factories are small family businesses that have been running for decades. Murano and its glass making traditions have come under threat in more recent times from cheap imitation 'Murano' glass produced outside Italy, and now with tourism at an all-time low, many furnaces are no longer burning. I love Murano and its glass and the people who work with it, and hope to continue to support them in today's difficult times.

Millefiori Murano

Millefiori Murano is a culmination of my passions for glass, jewellery, and all things Italian. Ten years ago I came across millefiori when I started doing mosaics as a hobby. I couldn't resist the colourful intricacy of the slices of glass cane, and developed the resin technique I now use to make my jewellery with them. In 2017 I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks on Murano and meet many of its glass artisans and see them at work. At Effetre, the only millefiori factory on Murano, I get my raw material, and the artisans I source products for my store from are based here or in the wider Veneto area.

Millefiori Murano Australia

Since I moved to Australia from NZ in 2014, I have been making and selling Murano jewellery to retail stores as well as at markets and pop-ups. Recently, Millefiori Murano has become a mostly online business, from my home on the Queensland coast above Bundaberg. As well as creating my original pieces of jewellery, I support Venetian artisans by selling their work as well. I really enjoy my interactions with customers and love it when people reach out with questions and comments. 

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